Napa-based Narvaez Insurance Services Specializing in Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Napa, CA-based insurance experts, Narvaez Insurance Services are now crafting comprehensive worker’s compensation insurance policies for local Napa companies. Their experts offer several insurance programs for various industries to ensure the ideal coverage is provided and allow businesses to prosper over many years.

Worker’s compensation is an area of the insurance marketplace that few business owners understand completely. It’s a type of insurance that protects employees against lost wages as a result of on-the-job accidents, and includes coverage for medical expenses. It’s important for companies to be informed and to build their worker’s compensation insurance programs expertly, to protect their organizations against potential fines the government can now pose for lack of proper coverage. Narvaez Insurance Services can help companies mitigate this potential challenge to their business.

The team at Narvaez Insurance Services has many years of experience building complex and comprehensive worker’s compensation policies. They work with businesses to help owners understand the risks inherent within their industry and to create policies and safeguard the organization and its assets against these core risks. They also help organizations determine their liability as it extends to relationships with contractors and employees, ensuring the firm is legally protected with a policy that secures their business for the future. It’s a service that all growing companies require to assure a safe working environment and a path to growth for their business.

To discover more on Narvaez Insurance Services’ worker’s compensation expertise, call the company today at (707) 927-3204 or visit their business website at

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