What Services does Narvaez Insurance Offer?

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There are so many insurance options out there. What can we do for you or your business? Do you need small business insurance? Group health insurance? Auto? Cyber liability?

No matter what type of insurance you’re looking for, we’d love to discuss your options and personalize quotes with your specific needs in mind. So, what services does Narvaez Insurance Offer? Let’s review:


Auto insurance is required for all drivers living in California. It protects your vehicle if physical damage occurs. It also may personally relieve you of the massive bills that can result from bodily injury or third-party property damage. We offer add-on coverage options such as:

  • gap
  • rental
  • no glass
  • towing/roadside

(SR22 Insurance is in addition to your auto policy and helps ensure that you meet the specific requirements for auto insurance under California law.)

Using only a standard commercial auto policy for your business may leave you at risk. Ask us about options for your business.


Homeowner’s insurance is often required by your lender. This insurance protects your home in the case of property damage due to accidents or natural disasters. Furthermore, we offer insurance options for vacant, seasonal, tenant occupied, and investment properties.


Business insurance covers enterprises from losses that may occur during the normal course of business. You’ll likely want liability insurance or other helpful options like coverage for loss of income. (Read on to find more info about worker’s compensation and group health insurance.)

Worker’s Compensation for Small Business Insurance

Worker’s compensation or “worker’s comp” is liability insurance that’s required by law in California. Unless you are a self-insured entity, you must have a policy (even if you employ just one person).

A worker’s compensation policy protects your business from liabilities that may happen to your employees on the job. If your employees get sick or hurt while performing their jobs, it also protects them because it covers:

  • medical costs
  • wage replacement
  • disability benefits
  • death benefits

Group Health Insurance and Self-Insured Plans

Potential employees are looking for jobs with great health benefits. Sign up for traditional group health insurance plans as well as self-insured programs. Covered California Exchange may offer tax credits if plans are purchased through them.

Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your loved ones if you pass away. Consider purchasing life insurance in an amount that’s at least equivalent to three years’ worth of your salary. We offer comprehensive types including:

  • whole
  • term
  • universal life

Cyber Liability

No matter how big or small your business is, if cyber criminals attack, they could steal your clients’ personal information. If your clients’ data has been stolen, you’ll have to spend time and money notifying them, reimbursing costs resulting from the breach, and face other legal consequences. A cyber liability policy gives you peace of mind!

Contact us for any of your insurance needs including auto, small business insurance, and group health insurance. Our NAPA Valley, family-owned business promises to give you quotes with no cost proposal, no obligation, and absolutely zero hassle!

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