Narvaez Insurance Services Offering Comprehensive Workers’ Comp Insurance Programs to Napa Firms

Napa, CA-based specialists for insurance solutions, Narvaez Insurance Services are now helping business owners in Napa protect their organizations against compensation challenges with comprehensive workers’ comp programs. The company’s experts have experience working with both large multinationals as well as small family businesses to structure insurance programs that protect the organization and its assets over the long-term.

Under California law, companies with one or more employees must carry some form of workers’ compensation insurance. It’s a product that works to protect employees in case of an on-the-job accident that requires medical attention. Coverage will ensure that workers are paid while they are on medical leave from the company and will protect the company against significant claims for damages. Napa organizations without workers’ comp insurance, face significant fines from industry authorities. It’s why so many are now working with Narvaez Insurance Services to build customized workers’ compensation insurance programs.

A leading advantage of the services offered through Narvaez Insurance Services is that they’re designed for the unique organization. This means companies can create policies to protect their firm’s assets while ensuring that all members of their team are insured in case of compensation claims against the company. Narvaez Insurance Services will guide companies through the program creation process and ensure that firms reduce their expenditure while achieving the very highest level of coverage.

It’s a leading-class service protecting local businesses and their assets. To learn more on the workers’ comp programs available through Napa-based Narvaez Insurance Services, please call their team now at (707) 927-3204 or visit their business website at

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