Narvaez Insurance Services Helps Protect Firms against Data Breach Liability with New Cyber Security Service for Business

Napa, CA-based insurance agency Narvaez Insurance Services is now inviting clients to review their new cyber security insurance service for business. The company’s service is designed to protect businesses against the expense and liabilities resulting from data breaches and identity theft events. It’s a versatile security solution designed for businesses operating with the modern online marketplace.

The latest data shows that 85% of all data breaches take place at the small business level. This means that business owners must be proactive in ensuring the data stored through their website and on their in-house servers is secure. The latest research shows the average cost per data breach is $194. When multiplied by a small business’s hundreds or thousands of customers, this cost could bankrupt a growing firm. For protection against the liability costs of data breaches, firms across Napa can now turn to the insurance products offered by Narvaez Insurance Services.

The Narvaez Insurance Services cyber security for business service offers comprehensive liability protection to the small business owner. In addition to protecting companies in the event of payouts due to a data breach from within the organization, the company’s policy will also offer protection against cyber extortion expenses, website liabilities due to slander and libel, and PCI compliance fines. This ensures that companies are protected as they grow within the online marketplace.

To discover more on this latest service option from Narvaez Insurance Services, please contact their office directly at (707) 927-3204 or visit their business website at


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