Getting the Most out of Commercial Auto Insurance in Napa

It’s a mistake we see fairly often: Businesses – especially smaller operations or start-ups – using personal auto insurance policies for their company vehicles and workforce. Many don’t understand the differences between the personal and commercial policies, or are simply trying to cut costs where they can.

Unfortunately, in doing so, they may be setting themselves up for failure. Most personal auto insurance in Napa does not cover business use, aside from commuting. There are exceptions, but what it boils down to is that unless you are certain your personal policy covers business use, you need a commercial auto insurance policy.  

Plus, by investing in commercial-grade insurance, you get several benefits as well.

You Need Napa Commercial Auto Insurance for Commercial Use

  1. Personal use is still covered.

There’s no need to hold separate personal\commercial policies. If your vehicle is being used for both purposes, the commercial policy can cover it full-time. This may also carry the side bonus of allowing you, personally, to shift your auto insurance costs to being a business expense instead.

  1. Adjustable radii of operations.

Most commercial auto policies are partially based on geography, with a wider radius of operations demanding more coverage than a smaller radius. For growing operations, this allows you to fine-tune your coverage to only those areas you’ll be visiting as part of your work. An experienced insurance broker can help you find the right balance of coverage while minimizing costs.

  1. Employee-owned cars can be covered.

Here is another nice benefit: If your employees are frequently using their personal vehicles for business purposes, your policy can be enhanced to cover them as well. This limits the chances of them getting into an accident their personal policy might deny coverage for, and it also makes for a nice recruitment perk. After all, most workers aren’t happy risking their vehicles for their job.

  1. Better coverage of modifications and accessories.

Many personal auto policies in Napa don’t automatically cover add-ons or accessories within a car, such as after-market GPS devices. However, as such add-ons are often necessary for business use, they can be more easily covered by a commercial policy.

Narvaez Insurance Services

Narvaez Insurance Services is one of the fastest-growing insurance brokers in the Napa area, with a full line of both personal and commercial coverage.  Contact us today to discover our surprisingly low rates and personalized service!

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